i’m going to let this blog rest for a while, but in the meantime feel free to continue submitting stuff and i’ll post it in good time … 

I know this isnt a question but i just wanted to say i love that you have this blog. I get bullied at school for my big nose and it made me very self conscious. So thank you for showing me that big noses can be pretty too and thank you for appreciating different types of people ❤️

appreciate hearing that :) judging from your profile pic, your nose looks perfectly fine and fits in with the rest of your face quite nicely, so it’s hard to believe anyone would be desperate enough (or dumb enough) to bully you over that.  but i’m happy this blog has helped you see how wrong and ignorant such bullies actually are.  

(continuation) .... and a place to ventilate opinions in favour of big and other kinds of 'strong noses', if it is only to show the world that there are other ideas running in society about beauty than the dominant idea that female noses should be small. What do you think? And did you have any contact with Drogo about the unexpected and unannounced end of the site? Or with other members maybe? At least it would be nice to exchange some thoughts and feelings ...(continued)

i think having a nose forum is a great idea, although i can’t predict how well other people will react to the idea.  i’m open to any thoughts you might have about starting a new site, and i’d be happy to promote it on my blog if you decide to create one. but yeah, i’d pretty much given up on drogo and his site before everything vanished, so you know way more than i do about it.  

Loove this blog, just wondering how come you don't source your pics?

thanks, i guess i don’t source mainly out of a mix of laziness and a desire to preserve people’s anonymity. if there’s any pic you really want to know the source of, feel free to ask, although there’s always a chance i won’t know it.